General for Canada

Basic information and general facts 

  • One benefit of this process is that you will not attain an interview in the embassy. All descriptive papers and financial support letters will be included in the documentation as requested in the Canadian embassy.

  • Scholarship type is strictly based on your Educational document, English proficiency exam results, and other extra-curricular activities.

  • Since you will not be in the interview your documents must be self-explanatory and all documents must be presented in a preferable manner for the embassy individual in Kenya.
  • On a student visa, you will not be permitted to work but you can involve in less paid jobs in your free time.
  • The time duration for an acceptance letter varies from university to university depending on the course type and document required.
  • The visa process is a separate process which will take about one month to two months time for getting a valid response.

If you wish to proceed and apply for this Service feel free to click here to call us or visit the office to get full information.

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