General for Australia

Basic information and general facts

  • The student will get a RESIDENT PERMIT and WORK PERMIT upon finishing the school duration.
  • You can choose your desired field of study along with your preferred city to live in!!!!
  • All prices will be an estimated value due to currency change. The exact value is determined on three conditions:
  1. The course you would like to study.
  2. The place you choose to live in.
  3. The University you plan to study in.
  • On a student visa, the applicant will be permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while learning that will help to cover accommodation.
  • The most essential document is your English proficiency exam (IELTS) result should be above 6 in each band.
  • The financial bank statement should be accompanied by evidence of source of income with a minimum of  1-year transaction.
  • The presence of a relative in Australia will not affect the process. You can officially state that and live with your relatives.

If you wish to proceed and apply for this Service feel free to click here to call us or visit the office to get full information.

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