General Fact and information for China

Basic information and general facts

  • You have the right to choose both fields of study and a university along with the city you want to live in.
  • All university we apply is based on RANKING over China and all over the world.
  • Since the majority of the expense is funded in full scholarship ATTENDANCE in class is mandatory!!!!!
  • A work permit is not available but you can involve in business and English tutorials to be able to cover your expense on your own.
  • For Masters Applicants in addition to having a full scholarship, you will have pocket money monthly. The amount of money varies among universities.
  • For all applicants interested in a Full scholarship either in Bachelors or Masters, you have to submit your required documents before the intake opens that will give us the chance to submit and apply for the scholarship with less waiting time. The more applicants apply before you the more time it takes to finish your process.

If you wish to proceed and apply for this Service feel free to click here to call us or visit the office to get full information.

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